The photograph awarded this year with the World Press Photo Award 2013 could be fake. Paul Hansen

The photograph that could be withdrawn was took by Paul Hansen and he is accused of manipulating it to receive the World Press Photo Award. The award will be probably removed to the photographer. 


Gaza Buria. November 20, 2012. The bodies of two-year-old Suhaib Hijazi and his elder brother Muhammad, almost four, are carried by their uncles to a mosque for their funeral, in Gaza City.

The photograph awarded was made by Paul Hansen, and in it we can see the relatives carrying the bodies of two children, and behind them more people carrying the body of their father. This scene was produced after an Isreali bombing in the apartment building of the family. A chilling and disturbing image that would be product of the manipulation of three original photographs superimposed. It was also manipulated the brightness of the image.

Even though it is not fake in the sense of the history it tells; Israeli forces retaliate in answer to Palestinian rocket fire, leading to this picture.

This surprising news has been disclosed by the forensic surgeon Neal Krawetz. It has been possible to see that the image was modified by regions in the Photoshop, and also was added more glow so the faces were lighted up. In spite of everything, the photgrapher said the light was natural and not product of any retouching.

In this web you can see a deeper analysis of the photograph manipulation:

It was edited just some days before the deadline of the contest.

Hansen has been ask to bring the photograph’s RAW archive to proof that it was not modified, but up to now he has not already brought it.

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